As a Professional Caregiver Counselor & Therapist

I have a passion for the aging adult community

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. I earned my B.A. in Psychology and Business from the University of Oregon. In 2011, I moved to Portland to be surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Pacific Northwest. After a career in Fundraising, I worked as an Activities Associate at a local nursing home which confirmed my passion in working with the older adult community. I earned my M.S in Counseling Education and a Certificate in Gerontology from Portland State University.

I find meaning in helping others build healthy habits and relationships

 I can help you build healthy habits with yourself and others, and guide your journey to finding your own life's meaning. Making sustainable positive changes and getting to deeply know oneself can provide powerful impacts throughout one’s life. By using an integrated psychotherapy approach and applying appropriate theories, methods, and techniques, this can assist you with leading your life in awareness, accepting of self and others, and creating more fulfilling relationships.

Helping others choose and discover a better way of living and awakening to inner peace and happiness brings me joy.

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Taking care of an aging parent can be difficult, let a professional caregiver counselor in Portland Oregon help.